IRN organized a Training Course on Elections Broadcast for producers at Njala in August. The training was funded by OSIWA & UNESCO.
Production of IRN’s weekly flagship porgrammes:  ‘IRN Election Count Down’ and ‘Paliment Bol At’ are in progress.  10 weeks and counting…..  
IRN code of Conduct was reviewed in the last IRN General Meeting in Kambia. This will be signed by members.

Welcome to the official website of Sierra Leone's Independent Radio Network. "Democracy begins with the right to speak."

Welcome to The Independent Radio Network

IRN is a radio network composed of 25 community and private radio stations from Sierra Leone’s 14 districts. It broadcasts trustworthy, impartial news and focused programming issue on political events and contemporary issues across the nation.

IRN’s refusal to compromise on the quality and integrity of its broadcasts has earned its reputation as of the Sierra Leone’s most trusted media sources.

With a huge audience in local communities, IRN and its member stations motivate women, men and youth to become informed citizens and active participants in the peaceful democratic process and development of the country.

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Our Work

IRN’s mission is to create a national information network that drives positive social change in Sierra Leone. In pursuit of this mission, IRN’s strategy is to enhance media pluralism by working towards its goals:

1. Professionalize of the media sector through solidarity and capacity development work with local radio stations.

2. Promote every Sierra Leonean’s right to free speech, information access and tolerance of diversity.

3. Increase participation in national and community-based issues, particularly among marginalized groups.

4 Facilitate a transparent and fair national and provincial election process.

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Upcoming Events
-IRN General meeting to evaluate coverage of Nov 17 Elections and identify lessons Learnt
- Re-commencement of ‘Paliment Bol At’ as an accountability programme to follow the newly elected law makers in Sierra Leone’s Parliament.

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